Broken Silence

Broken Silence was the very first charity supported by the Charity Gala committee in 1999.

The need arose because the Health Insurance department in the Czech Republic funded Cochlear Implants for profoundly deaf children but it did not fund the required intensive speech and language therapy post operation.

Charity Gala Funds

Money raised over the past fifteen years has been used to support the Newborn Hearing Screening program, fund the summer rehabilitation camp and purchase specialist equipment.


Newborn Hearing Screening (NHS)

On the request of Doctor Zdenek Kabelka MD, former head of the Paediatric Unit at Motol ORL, the Charity Gala funded the launch of a NHS program in the Czech Republic.

Accumulatively the Charity Gala has bought NHS equipment for 25 hospitals around the Czech Republic. The aim of the project is that every new born baby in the Czech Republic will be screened at birth for hearing loss so that early intervention can be started immediately.

The correlation between early treatment and outcomes in terms of speech and language development is high.

Summer Rehabilitation Program

SUKI, a volunteer organization to support children with cochlear implants, was founded to provide oral/aural rehabilitation. It includes a summer camp for intensive therapy and auditory verbal training.

The courses are now a highlight of the year for the children and their families. The children receive intensive therapy but there are additional benefits such as family support plus an onsite psychologist to facilitate social and emotional development in the children.

These courses could not be run without financial support from the Charity Gala.


Motol Paediatric ORL department 

We are proud to support the work of the surgeons and doctors at this unit by providing essential equipment for the surgical ward enabling better monitoring of surgical procedure and thereby minimizing risk of side effects.

Last year the Charity Gala paid for four endoscopes and a head lamp with LED illumination.

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