Faculty Hospital Královské Vinohrady

The Faculty Hospital Královské Vinohrady (FNKV) is a highly specialised medical facility providing a broad range of medical care for its catchment areas of Prague 3 and Prague 10. This year we will support the neonatal department at FNKV.

Neonatal Screening

Preterm babies are at risk of respiratory distress syndrome, low blood pressure, anemia and unstable homeostasis. If undetected these problems can cause severe lesions and cerebral damage.

To care for these small patients FNKV offers continuous, non-invasive transcutaneous monitoring. Transcutaneous monitoring allows caregivers to stay on top of changes in the oxygenation and ventilation status of preterm babies as they occur.

If a blood sample is necessary, capillary tubes can be used to delicately collect a blood sample from the baby’s heel. A dedicated mode on the Blood Gas Analysers allows caregivers to get full insight into blood gas and other parameters.

Flex machine.png

The combination of non-invasive monitors and the low blood volume requirements of blood gas analysers make them ideal for neonatal care.

The test is currently performed after each delivery in a different building which makes it less reliable and more time consuming.

Charity Gala Funds

Funds raised at Charity Gala will be used to purchase a Blood Gas Analyser for the department.