Doctor Zdenek Kabelka

It is with sadness that we share the news that Doctor Zdenek Kabelka has died suddenly at the age of 63.

Doctor Kabelka was the figurehead for the Broken Silence Charity Gala from 1999.  He inspired our fund raising efforts to support his department’s work helping hearing-handicapped children across the Czech Republic.

Doctor Kabelka leaves an enormous professional void having dedicated his life to helping others. He worked as a physician at Motol Children’s Ear, Nose and Throat Department from 1978 and as the head of the department from 1998 performing life saving and life changing operations including the cochlear implant. His devotion and passion for his work were highly admired and valued by all who knew him. He once said “ I hope not to have to help your children but if the need arises then I am here for you.” and we all knew with certainty that he would do whatever he could for each and every one of us. Indeed as the years passed by several children from our community needed his professional medical care. It was a great comfort to know that someone so devoted and skilled was just around the corner.

We send our deepest sympathy to his family, friends and colleagues at this most difficult time.

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