Guest charities

From time to time we support guest charities. These charities are often introduced to us by people within our community, they tend to be local, under-resourced and involved in causes that are close to our heart. This year we will be supporting two guest charities.

Franciscan Sisters of the Sacred Heart

Emanuela and her sisters work for a charity called the Franciscan Sisters of the Sacred Heart. They have been living in Prague for more than 15 years and help families with little or no income, homeless people and handicapped children. As is often the case, Emanuela and her sister nuns are only able to help other people if someone gives them some financial support, as such they have to rely on the good hearts of the people that they meet.

Childhood Diabetes department in Motol

The Childhood Diabetes department in Motol are looking to fund educational literature to help children and parents cope with the lifelong impact childhood diabetes can have. They also run a series of camps to support the children and can offer extra counselling with the funds that we raise. Some of the children need continual insulin monitoring and as always government funding is stretched and it is those in most need that we are looking to help.

For more information on the other charities that we support and the projects that we have supported, please go to

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