Help us fund diagnostic equipment for children with cancer

We need your help to fund a specialist piece of equipment for the Paediatric Haematology and Oncology Department at Motol.

Prof. Dr. Stary, the departmental head, has asked the Charity Gala Committee to contribute towards the cost of a Flow Cytometer.

Flow Cytometer 

A Flow Cytometer diagnoses acute leukaemia by analyzing and identifying the exact type of leukaemia cell from which the leukaemia is originating and thus treatment can be targeted according to the cell of origin.

In short, blood from the patient is analyzed by the Flow Cytometer at the DNA level, and scientists can precisely see which cell is affected and adapt the treatment accordingly.


Childhood Leukaemia Investigation Prague (CLIP) Cytonomy Laboratory 

The CLIP-Cytometry laboratory at Motol serves as a national reference laboratory for cytometric diagnostics for children diagnosed with leukaemia or where there is a suspicion of the disease.

For selected cases, the team at CLIP-Cytometry also diagnose children from other countries from across the EU as well as Switzerland, Israel and Norway.

The laboratory is well equipped, however, two of its instruments have reached the end of their life-span. As such, the laboratory plans to buy new instruments to ensure that routine diagnostics are effectively administered.


Funding Requirement

Due to the high cost of the equipment (c. 3.6 million CZK) the funding request goes to a centrally managed finance team  in order that it can be assessed against the other departments applying to upgrade or buy new equipment.

Prof. Dr. Stary knows that his department stands a much better chance of securing hospital funding if it raises part of the money itself. He has already applied for research grants and kindly asks if the Charity Gala guests would also contribute.

Finance from Motol will be combined with funds collected by foundations and the Charity Gala to purchase the equipment.

Please help us raise money for this very important diagnostic equipment.

Together we make a difference.


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