GolfLab Instruction Packages

GolfLab Academy and AimPoint Technologies have once again kindly donated two golf instruction packages. Each package consists of two 90 minute sessions with GolfLab’s A.J. McAdam.

The Art of Green Reading and Putter Fitting 

In this first package, A.J. will do an advanced fitting session using a state of the art fitting tool and fitting system to find the optimal putter. Using the right putter can quickly improve a player’s performance level on the greens. This system has been used by players like Justin Rose, Lee Westwood and Darren Clarke.

Player Biomechanics and Swing Efficiency 

For package two, A.J. will use state of the art 3D technology, developed by K-Motion Interactive, to analyse player biomechanics and swing efficiency.

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The player can find simple solutions to combine more power and control in their game, without completely changing the uniqueness of their style. They can also uncover tendencies that cause inconsistent results.

To find out more about GolfLab and A.J. McAdam go to 

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