Signed Onishenko Prints

We are very excited to have Alexandr Onishenko’s artwork back in our auction this year. He has generously donated three high quality digital prints on canvas:

  • Tram: A highly acclaimed painting of an old-fashioned Prague tram.
  • Cafe Slavia: This Cafe was known as a place for writers, poets and other intellectuals to meet and discuss their ideas. Vaclav Havel was a regular patron.
  • Clouds on a Sunny Day: This painting is a view from Onishenko’s atelier which is situated on the top of the hill in Melnik-Chloumek, near Prague.

Onishenko applies by hand a coating to the prints to give the reproductions the look and feel of the originals. He is photographed below signing the canvases for the Charity Gala.


If you would like to take home these classic and widely adored works from Alexandr Onishenko then get ready to place your bid. You can find out more about Onishenko’s prints online at Galerie Jakubska.

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