Anke’s Ceramic Bowl

Growing up in Holland Anke was always interested in art, especially sculpture and painting. She graduated in Art History but her interest in making anything herself stayed hidden for many years.

In 2004, Anke was introduced to Frantisek Svancar, a ceramic artist in Prague, and ever since she has been hooked on working with clay and fascinated by the technical aspects of firing and glazing the raw material.

She is currently experimenting with the addition of glass (mosaic tiles and crushed material) to the glazes. The result of these experiments varies from real failures to unexpectedly beautiful effects.

The series that Anke has been working on recently is inspired by the sea and all that lives in it. Anke has kindly donated a piece from this series to the silent auction.

Image 12

Find Anke on Saturday night to discuss her work in person.

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