Guest post from our poet across the pond 

If the very air of Prague itself hasn’t already made you feel like the quintessential queen in a golden fairytale, if it’s not enough to go to work and run your errands in the shadow of the legendary Prague castle, to walk the cobblestone streets trod by alchemists and astronomers, saints and criminals and kings, if you long to know how you can really feel like a princess, picture this: On a crystal clear winter’s night, your chauffeur pulls up at Karlovy Lazne, one of the most crowded spots in the city. You feel the shift in the air as all traffic halts in both directions and everyone – drivers, passengers and pedestrians stop in their tracks to watch as you and all your glamorous friends emerge like stars in Hollywood. Your escort- and you haven’t seen him looking this good since 1995 (or since last year’s Charity Gala) – offers you his arm and you float across the street as if in a dream. Cameras flash and people whisper, wondering who all those gorgeous people in costumed finery could possibly be and where they could possibly be going and how they possibly got invited. They must be royalty. Yes, you think to yourself, yes, for tonight I am. And the night has just begun . . .

Thank you Emily Shearer

1 thought on “Guest post from our poet across the pond 

  1. The pool is very relaxing and quiet ….and if you do happen to dine there then visit the bar as it is in a beautiful room which used to be the bank vault

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