Cocktail Photos LIVE!

The Official 2017 Charity Gala Photos are now LIVE.

We’ve posted many of the photos on Facebook so please feel free to tag, share and download.


You can see all the photos that Tomas Cesalek, our photographer, took in the Charity Gala 2017 album on Tomas’ website.  The secret password is…cocktail!

We take care to only post photos of you looking fabulous but if for any reason you see a photo that you would like us to remove from either Facebook or Tomas’ website please get in touch.

We hope you like them!

Charity Gala 2016 Photos

Our Midsummer Night’s Dream gala photos are LIVE!

We’ve posted a selection of the photos on Facebook. Please feel free to tag, share and download.


You can see all the gala photos in the Midsummer Night’s Dream album on our photographer’s website. To download original photos on this site you will need to use the password Dream2016 (case sensitive).

We take care to only post photos of you looking fabulous but if for any reason you see a photo that you would like us to remove please get in touch.


Dress to Impress with Winser London

Winser London has donated a wearable and luxurious dress to our auction.

The Grace Miracle dress certainly has the WOW factor. Grace is cut in a soft cross-over style with a v neck that stops just above the bust. The cool flip collar can be worn turned-up or down and gives a style edge that means business. Grace has 3/4 length sleeves.


The Grace Miracle Dress is made of double knit jersey Ponte di Roma.

You can choose your dress in any colour and any size.

This dress will make a truly beautiful Christmas gift so keep an eye out for it in the auction on Saturday 3rd December. 

Charity Gala 2016 – A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Dear friends

We hope you’re all enjoying your summer. We know that many of you start thinking about your table themes and costumes while you’re travelling so here’s a heads-up on this year’s event.

The theme for the Charity Gala 2016 is A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Here’s a photo of the winning pitch!

Winning Pitch

Twist and turn the theme any way you please.

Shakespeare famously sourced his work from myths, legends and masques. Feel free to bring in ideas from any of his plays and reimagine his characters any way you want, just as a theatre director would do.

You can also look to the Broadway shows that he inspired for ideas. The Lion King, Wicked and West Side Story are all based on Shakespeare’s works. As is Black Adder!

Comedy, tragedy, gender politics, heroes and villains. We expect it all.

Please mark your calendars for Saturday 3 December and join us for an evening of Shakespearean inspired shenanigans.

We look forward to seeing you all again soon.

With best wishes

The Charity Gala Committee


Official Gala Photos!


We’ve just posted a selection of the official photographs from this year’s gala on Facebook.


Please feel free to download any photos. We only post photos where you look totally fabulous but if you happen to spot a photo that you don’t like please email to ask to remove it.

If you want to see all the gala photos please go to our photographer’s website and view the Around the World in 80 Days album. 

Thank you to Tomáš Česálek for the great photos!


Get ready for LIFT OFF!!!

Dear friends

We’re getting ridiculously excited and simply cannot wait to see you in all your finery tomorrow night to travel together Around the World in 80 Days.

Here’s a little information to help you get ready.

Auction prizes online

If you want to get an advantage over the competition you can browse many of the prizes that will be available in the live and silent auction packages here –

Or you can follow on Facebook –

Download Instagram

If you don’t already have Instagram then download the app before Saturday as we will have a fun photo sharing tool for you to play with. It’ll be strategically placed next to the vodka luge! #charitygalacz

Bring a little cash

They’ll also be a blackjack game and a pledge station so please bring any spare cash.

See you tomorrow!

Charity Gala Committee

Instagram fun on Saturday night

We’ll be using Printka, a fun new photo sharing tool from the creators of Smilebox, at the 2015 Charity Gala.

Printka lets you print and share your Instagram photos.

It’s super easy to use:

  • INSTAGRAM PHOTO – Snap a picture with your friends on Instagram
  • HASHTAG # – Upload the photo using the 2015 Charity Gala hashtag #charitygalacz
  • PRINT PHOTO – Find your masterpiece in the built-in iPad and print it out

Printka screen


To make sure you’re part of the fun on Saturday night download Instagram now!

Guest post from our poet across the pond 

If the very air of Prague itself hasn’t already made you feel like the quintessential queen in a golden fairytale, if it’s not enough to go to work and run your errands in the shadow of the legendary Prague castle, to walk the cobblestone streets trod by alchemists and astronomers, saints and criminals and kings, if you long to know how you can really feel like a princess, picture this: On a crystal clear winter’s night, your chauffeur pulls up at Karlovy Lazne, one of the most crowded spots in the city. You feel the shift in the air as all traffic halts in both directions and everyone – drivers, passengers and pedestrians stop in their tracks to watch as you and all your glamorous friends emerge like stars in Hollywood. Your escort- and you haven’t seen him looking this good since 1995 (or since last year’s Charity Gala) – offers you his arm and you float across the street as if in a dream. Cameras flash and people whisper, wondering who all those gorgeous people in costumed finery could possibly be and where they could possibly be going and how they possibly got invited. They must be royalty. Yes, you think to yourself, yes, for tonight I am. And the night has just begun . . .

Thank you Emily Shearer

Official Party Photos!!!

This is the moment you’ve all been waiting for! We’ve just posted the official party photographs from this year’s gala on the Charity Gala Facebook page.


Please feel free to tag, share and download the photos.  And if you haven’t already liked our Facebook page, please do!

Here’s the link to the full album of Under The Sea photos.

We need your help

This year we’ll be taking you on a sea odyssey “2014 Leagues Under the Sea”

Tickets to the 2014 Charity Gala have now sold out and with just over six weeks to go we need to call on all our friends and sponsors to donate goods, services and experiences for us to auction.

The Charity Gala is all about helping to drive positive change and with the help of our community we really can make a difference. Last year we raised over two million Czech Krowns at our gala and this year we’d like to raise even more. 

A big thank you to those of you who have already donated prizes.  We’ll be announcing them on the blog in the run up to the big night.  If you haven’t yet donated and are able to offer a prize please get in touch.  We’d love to hear from you.