Tandem Flights with Red Bull’s Flying Bulls

We have an exclusive offer for you and a friend to join the Flying Bulls for a unique experience where you’ll be in the back seat of the tandem cockpit enjoying one of the most thrilling adrenaline experiences available anywhere in the world!

The Flying Bulls are elite aerobatic aviators whose skills and flying prowess see them classified as the top “air acrobats” in the world. Their shows are enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of spectators around the globe.

Red Bull

The flights will take place just outside Prague and there will be a few dates that you’ll be able to take your pick from in 2016.

Last year’s winner, Jitka Optavilova, said “It was awesome. Quite simply the best gift I have ever received. I could do it again and again and again…”.

You too could be the lucky winner of an experience that money simply cannot buy. Tune in for more exciting details on Saturday 5th December. Thank you Red Bull!! #LIVE15

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