ARTĚL’s Sequence Decanter and Glasses

ARTĚL has donated a Sequence Barware Decanter and a set of six Sequence Double Old Fashioned Glasses to the 2015 Charity Gala.

ARTEL SEQ2_306_212_six-glasses

Designed exclusively for ARTEL by Natalia Ogneva, a rising star in the Czech design worldSequence was inspired by Josef Hoffman of the Wiener Werkstatte (a German design movement of the early 20th century).

Its intersecting lines produce a striking pattern that makes a bold, modern statement. This motif is extremely labor-intensive, as the black lines traversing the surface of each object are painstakingly hand-painted by our Czech master artisans, with each glass taking more than a full day to produce.

ARTĚL specialises in handcrafted Bohemian crystal glassware. To learn more about this globally recognised brand and to shop online go to

You’ll find this prize in the live auction on Saturday 5th. #LIVE15

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